The new MasterPortal is developed to fit any mobile device and allows you to easy search for, view and print documents. MasterPortal is the platform where document is shown depending on document status. The documents that are shown in the App is the same document as in MasterConcept which means the document doesn’t need to be copied out of MasterConcept. Authentication of users and roles are handled on the same platform as all MasterConcept applications to keep the same high security level. MasterPortal is a web application, which means you can access your archives from different mobile devices.
With support of Apple iOS, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, it doesn’t matter what type of mobile device you use. This will make operations regardless of location in their work with technical documentation.

 View documents and their properties

In the application, you can choose to see a preview of a single document. If the chosen document exists of many pages, you can easily navigate between the pages. You can also choose to see the documents side by side and zoom in. It’s possible to set how many documents are to be displayed simultaneously. In the view for properties, you can see information about the document, such as document type, object connected to the document and much more.

Big becomes small

Whether the MasterPortal is working against your technical drawing archives or not, it is fast and easy for all users to search and view the documentation.

MasterPortal with Print

Search and find the documents you need and put them i a Print Basket. When you have access to at printer, you login and can print the documents. The system also has the possibility to put documents together into one single document.

We at Ides AB have as Christmas tradition to support people who are in desperate need for help. During the past years we have supported different organizations such as Save the Children, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  and BRIS the Swedish organization for Children’s Rights in Society .

This year the financial gift goes to Save the Children.

With this we want to inspire others to do the same, both Private and Companies to support people in desperate need.
And remember that also small donations make big differences.

Give your donations on

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. They work in over 120 countries. They save children’s lives; fight for their rights; help them fulfil their potential. In 2013 Save the Children reached over 143 million children through the work, including over 52 million children directly.

Another major Service Release has now been released for our customers. MasterConcept 12.1 was released on the 1st of December and is loaded with new features. All Ides customers who have joined the subscription program, can download the latest release for free and will have benefits from all new features. The new release contains new functions, fixes and updates such as:

  • MasterPortal – true mobility
  • Create relations with drag and drop
  • Improved Document handling

Read more about the new features by following the link bellow.

To secure technical documentation including BIM models for the future, all documentation will be stored in Ides MasterConcept. DocMaster will cover all hospital facilities owned and operated by Uppsala County Council. Ides MasterConcept will be the future platform for all technical applications as well as documentation covering operation, project management and general office documentation.

Ides MasterConcept will be the future platform for all technical applications as well as documentation covering operation, project management and general office documentation.

The business unit County Council facility Services within Uppsala County Council is the Organization who have been in charge of the evaluation and the open bid have chosen Ides docMaster to manage technical documentation, drawings and applications within its operation and project organization.

The state of Sweden is divided into 290 municipalities and 20 county councils and the Uppsala County is one of these 20.

In an open bid the County Council facility Services has chosen the Swedish developed software Ides docMaster as their future platform of technical – and drawing management system. It is a data central solution supporting the organizations for Operation and Project Management. Ides docMaster will serve more than 200 internal and 300 external users. The County Council facility Services Manage 200-300 projects each year from smaller projects to new being built hospitals.

Ides docMaster will initially be loaded with more than 100 000 existing technical drawings and documents who will be published for the Users. The amount of documents and drawings will be increased rapidly due to the huge ongoing and future planned projects such as the Academic Hospital.

About the County Council facility Services in Uppsala County

The County Council facility Services have more than 1 billion SEK in annual turnover, operate more than 700 000 sqm of facilities and have 250 employees. Most of the customers are operating in the health care and hospital area. The biggest customer is Academic hospital in Uppsala as many others.

The County Council of Uppsala help all citizens within the county to stay healthy with hospital care. They offer a fair and equal healthcare marked by high quality and great care, where you get quick help and where the money is spent in the best possible way. Their collaboration with Uppsala University provides early access to new knowledge that can quickly be used in healthcare. Uppsala County Council also creates the conditions for a good life in the county, by public transportation, cultural and regional sustainable development.

Due to an increased inquiry of the software family MasterConcept, Ides opened a new office on the 1st of June.

“By establishing our business in the region we will be able to support all our customers as well as new customers in a more efficient way. The region is expanding and a lot of western companies are establishing in the region such as ABB and Ericsson” say Alex Shen, Market Director China.

Ides MasterConcept is used through the value chain from Engineering companies to Power Plants. ABB in Beijing and Shanghai Wujing Power Plant no 2 are some of the largest customers using MasterConcept since 2008. Ides have an established network of Resellers and Distributors all over China supporting the local market.

Ides China is responsible for all Sales, Distribution and Technical support within China and is responsible within product development for Chinese localizations.

Adsress to the new office: Room 801 N0.D Building,YinHeHuaTing,Fengcheng 3rd Road, Weiyang District,XI’an City

GoBiGas has chosen Ides software MasterConcept to manage all technical data and documentation for their new plant.

Ides AB supplies its document and plant data software, MasterConcept, to GoBiGas for managing all technical plant documentation and plant information for the new plant producing Biogas. GoBiGas who are building the first plant in the world of its type, are loading all technical plant documentation and technical plant data. Ides supply within the scope of the project both the software platform as well as consulting services for the documentation data import.

MasterConcept is loaded with documents and data from four main Plant Suppliers and the GoBiGas plant was inaugurated in March 2014.

GoBiGas (Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project) is the major Göteborg Energi project set out to build a plant to produce biogas via the gasification of biofuel and waste from forestry. When the plant is at optimal production, it will deliver in upwards of 800 – 1 000 GWh, which corresponds to fuel provision for between 80 000 – 100 000 cars.

About GoBiGas and Göteborg Energi

As Western Sweden’s leading energy company, Göteborg Energi provide their customers with energy services, broadband, district heating, cooling, natural gas and the electricity supply network.

Göteborg Energi aim to create energy solutions that are sustainable in the long term. Efficient energy provision is one of the most important building blocks of a well-functioning society. To achieve this goal, Göteborg Energi has developed into a versatile energy company. Göteborg Energi offer services and products that make life easier for both companies and private individuals.

The Plant is being built in Gothenburg harbor close to Rya Power Plant. The plant is build close to the distribution network of Gas, Electricity and Central Heating as well as the fuel intake from either harbor or railway.


Ides AB has announced that next version of MasterConcept will be launched on 25 of March on the ICC Conference in Gothenburg. The new release is loaded with new and spectacular features such as the next generation of aspect platform for engineering.

“The release 12 of MasterConcept takes our visions and our efforts to a true aspect level and this version is loaded with functions for all our users”, says Stig Hellholm, VP and product architect.

MasterConcept has been developed in both Data Platform and in the CAD framework.
Ides CAD-Driver concept has been developed to support new products on the market such as ZWCAD+, from ZWCAD SOFTWARE CO., LTD.

Ides CAD applications elMaster and proMaster has also received a new user interface for more intuitive and efficient use.

Release 12 has been extended with totally new Project Data Management supporting parallel projects from Design to Commissioning. MasterConcept now also support Environment Qualification processes of equipment to support customers with high quality demands and traceability in the operation.

MasterConcept includes next generation of its integration framework with support of IFS and SAP, global leading ERP and EAM providers.

Mälarenergi AB chooses docMaster to structure their documentation in the business area of water and sewer.

DocMaster shall be integrated throughout the whole operation to secure plant documentation as well as other operation documentation.With docMaster Mälarenergi is coming into the area of water and sewer to handle all documentation in one central system. “DocMaster makes it possible for Mälarenergi to structure document and company information in logical structures, called Information object. The structures can be built by the organization freely and support both plant operation and project organizations” , says Stig Hellholm, EVP of Ides AB.

Mälarenergi AB has used Ides software in decades within power generation and are now expanding the use in an independent business area of water and sewer.

Swedish technology is used in the modernization of Chinese renewable energy. One of Northeast China’s largest hydropower plant, Baishan Power Plant, implements Ides software MasterConcept in their engineering and maintenance departments to handle the entire Plants technical data and documents.

Ides PLM software MasterConcept suits all kind of renewable energy plants such as hydro power, wind power and solar power.

– Our system is the major tool in our customers’ daily operation to optimize plant life cycle, plant safety and minimize risk in the plant. MasterConcept is designed to protect plant operators from incursion and manipulation on advanced technical plant data and documentation. Data safety is a requirement to ensure reliability during the plants entire lifecycle, says Lars Geidne, CEO of Ides AB.

Baishan Power Plant is owned by State Grid of China, one of the largest companies in the world that produces and delivers energy across large parts of China. The contract is strategic for Ides MasterConcept in China, a country that is modernizing all power generation. Since 2013, State Grid Of China have implemented components from MasterConcept. With this contract the entire program suite is installed.

– Ides China has become one of China’s pioneering software vendors during the past 6 years by introducing unique plant structuring in a standardized software platform, says Lars Geidne.

Ides’ authorized partner in Jilin Province, Jilin DaTong Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd, are running the implementation project and supplies Ides technology as well as support and services. Jilin DaTong Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd is today the largest MasterConcept reseller in China and operate in the Jilin district.


About SGCC

State Grid Corporation of China, SGCC, was established on December 29th, 2002. It is a government-owned enterprise approved by the state council to conduct government authorized investment activities. SGCC was ranked within top 40th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2010, seven rankings higher than in 2009, and is the largest utility company in the world. Their mission is to provide safe, economical, clean and sustainable electric power for social and economic development. The company’s core businesses are the construction and operation of power networks that cover 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.


About State Grid Baishan Power Plant

On the No. 2 Songhua River and at Huadian, Jilin Province, the Baishan Power Plant (also called the Baishan Hydropower Station) is the largest in the northeast grid. It has an installed generating capacity of 1.5 million KW. Construction of the station started in May 1975 and it began storing water on September 16, 1982. At the end of 1984, three generating units with a total generating capacity of 900,000 KW came into operation for the first phase of the project. Another two, with an installed generating capacity of 600,000 KW for the second phase of the project, began operating in June, 1992.

The station controls a drainage area of 19,000 square kilometers. In addition to generating power the station controls floods and has other benefits. The dam is 423.5 meters high and the reservoir has a storage capacity of 6.812 billion cubic meters.