Ides AB has announced that next version of MasterConcept will be launched on 25 of March on the ICC Conference in Gothenburg. The new release is loaded with new and spectacular features such as the next generation of aspect platform for engineering.

“The release 12 of MasterConcept takes our visions and our efforts to a true aspect level and this version is loaded with functions for all our users”, says Stig Hellholm, VP and product architect.

MasterConcept has been developed in both Data Platform and in the CAD framework.
Ides CAD-Driver concept has been developed to support new products on the market such as ZWCAD+, from ZWCAD SOFTWARE CO., LTD.

Ides CAD applications elMaster and proMaster has also received a new user interface for more intuitive and efficient use.

Release 12 has been extended with totally new Project Data Management supporting parallel projects from Design to Commissioning. MasterConcept now also support Environment Qualification processes of equipment to support customers with high quality demands and traceability in the operation.

MasterConcept includes next generation of its integration framework with support of IFS and SAP, global leading ERP and EAM providers.