The new MasterPortal is developed to fit any mobile device and allows you to easy search for, view and print documents. MasterPortal is the platform where document is shown depending on document status. The documents that are shown in the App is the same document as in MasterConcept which means the document doesn’t need to be copied out of MasterConcept. Authentication of users and roles are handled on the same platform as all MasterConcept applications to keep the same high security level. MasterPortal is a web application, which means you can access your archives from different mobile devices.
With support of Apple iOS, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, it doesn’t matter what type of mobile device you use. This will make operations regardless of location in their work with technical documentation.

 View documents and their properties

In the application, you can choose to see a preview of a single document. If the chosen document exists of many pages, you can easily navigate between the pages. You can also choose to see the documents side by side and zoom in. It’s possible to set how many documents are to be displayed simultaneously. In the view for properties, you can see information about the document, such as document type, object connected to the document and much more.

Big becomes small

Whether the MasterPortal is working against your technical drawing archives or not, it is fast and easy for all users to search and view the documentation.

MasterPortal with Print

Search and find the documents you need and put them i a Print Basket. When you have access to at printer, you login and can print the documents. The system also has the possibility to put documents together into one single document.

We at Ides AB have as Christmas tradition to support people who are in desperate need for help. During the past years we have supported different organizations such as Save the Children, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  and BRIS the Swedish organization for Children’s Rights in Society .

This year the financial gift goes to Save the Children.

With this we want to inspire others to do the same, both Private and Companies to support people in desperate need.
And remember that also small donations make big differences.

Give your donations on

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. They work in over 120 countries. They save children’s lives; fight for their rights; help them fulfil their potential. In 2013 Save the Children reached over 143 million children through the work, including over 52 million children directly.

Another major Service Release has now been released for our customers. MasterConcept 12.1 was released on the 1st of December and is loaded with new features. All Ides customers who have joined the subscription program, can download the latest release for free and will have benefits from all new features. The new release contains new functions, fixes and updates such as:

  • MasterPortal – true mobility
  • Create relations with drag and drop
  • Improved Document handling

Read more about the new features by following the link bellow.