Beijing Jianyi Investment Development CO. LTD (BJJY) takes an innovative step with MasterConcept

Beijing Jianyi Investment Group, one of China leading entrepreneurs within construction and plant supply, continue their development of BIM concept by choosing MasterConcept as their primary project platform of Project Data Management.

President and owner of Beijing Jianyi Investment Group, President Zhang says, “as one main player in the Chinese construction area we have to develop our business. To use technology in an optimized way and keep on being innovative, we strengthen our position and most important we add value to our customers. With the Swedish technology in combination with BJJY long experience we will, together with Ides, develop the Chinese BIM industry”.

The data centric platform in MasterConcept will hold all aspects of the project to make plant data transparent for all stakeholders in the project. Purchase department, Quality Control and Engineering together with Project Management will have full over view of all aspects even if there are advanced system such as Plant 3D or 3D Building applications involved.

Lars Geidne CEO and founder of Ides AB “Partners like Beijing Jianyi Investment Group become a part of our development organization and add value in the long run where engineering cultures in China influences our development of our products. With Beijing Jianyi Investment Group we will also develop the Chinese market based on our technology as well as long experience from Beijing Jianyi Investment Group”.

MasterConcept connects and integrates any aspect application directly to its data platform with its CAD-Driver concept. With a unique Plant structure concept of Objects in combination of technical documentation, MasterConcept handles the different aspects from BIM to Electrical and Instrumentation. MasterConcept has more than 25 years built in experience in one data centric engineering design platform to support the whole chain from Design to Construction and then the handover of Digital Plant data for Plant Operations.

Ides as a supplier to companies in Power Generation, Infrastructure projects, Nuclear Power, Power Grid, Equipment Manufacturing has with its innovative PDM/PLM platform a leading role in Plant Data Management.