Due to the intensive investments in Chinese infrastructures and modernizations of civil society, the civil engineering and construction organizations need powerful solutions to support the Life Cycle of the investments. The 5D goes nD.

Beijing JIANYI Group and Ides have entered into a strategic development cooperation based on the Swedish software developer Ides AB, with its nD PLM platform technology, MasterConcept.

The construction industry has implemented technology to support the design and construction phase of a project for many years. Though with the Swedish PLM technology the support for the entire lifecycle will make it possible for the operator owner to have an overview of future service management and maintenance. Two companies combine their “best of breed know how” to develop a Chinese BIM platform based on Beijing JIANYI Group long experience, one of the most famous and important influencing companies in China and Swedish technology.

With this cooperation, the Chinese BIM standard rapidly will be developed during the coming years based on the cooperation between traditional Chinese engineering and Swedish technology. The development is based on the Swedish nD BIM platform supporting most aspects of engineering like electrical, mechanical, AEC, and also 3D, 4D and 5D design over the entire life cycle. Both companies have announced in a communiqué that the nD platform will be implemented in Beijing JIANYI Group already in June 2015.

Beijing JIANYI Group President Mr. Zhang says “With the introduction of nD design to Chinese Industry, we introduce a unique solution for the Operator Owner of all types of facilities such as Buildings, Metro and Power Plants. The life cycle of these investments will last for 20-30 years and the traditional BIM models today have only a short term target like the first 2 years only focusing on the Construction phases. By adding technology for the whole life cycle we provide our customers a platform that will support them for many years. Adding value in the construction Industry”.

Sweden has an innovative history in engineering and design collaboration and Ides AB is the one who develop and supply the MasterConcept platform, which is developed in Linköping, Sweden, and has been used worldwide in the past 25 years. MasterConcept is designed and developed in close cooperation with customers such as ABB Group, Swedish Nuclear Power Industry, Local and State Grid, Power Plants and Siemens.

Ides AB, who already started its own subsidiary in Shanghai in 2007, has chosen China due to its developing and innovative market in front of other huge markets in the world.

Lars Geidne, CEO Ides AB says “We want to be a part of the development of the Chinese society and market and we believe that together with founders of innovative companies such as Beijing JIANYI Group that we can add value for an industry that is under rapid development.”