“Smart can be Smarter” is the phrase used when SZ-AISTOR and Ides AB this day agreed to join its forces to deliver their unique product technologies to support the China Smart City Projects in a way that product technology and system solution are taken in to full use.

Ides and SZ-AISTOR will together combine their technologies to implement a Big Data Management platform to support the data infrastructure in Smart City projects but also for other Industry such as BIM, Power and Energy, Civil Utilities from small to large scale projects. The technology support data collection during the project phases such as Planning, Design, Construction and Procurement with components to hand over to Operation Management for a long term life cycle support.

Ms. Wang, CEO SZ-AISTOR says “Information and Data need to be structured for future generations to be able to search and read. Technical Information and commercial information is also essential for future Operation and Maintenance and need to be protected. Ides will supply its software platform, MasterConcept, together with Technology from SZ-AISTOR to improve Smart City Operation and Maintenance “

Lars Geidne, CEO Ides AB says “By adding technology for the whole life cycle we provide our customers a platform that will support them for many years. Adding Value in to Smart City projects with a Partner like SZ-AISTOR makes us at Ides very proud of our cooperation”.

Sweden has an innovative history in engineering and design collaboration and Ides AB is the one who develop and supply the MasterConcept platform, which is developed in Linköping, Sweden, and has been used worldwide in the past 25 years.