Ides and SITRC, a Chinese General Contractor, has jointly built a proof of concept to illustrate a BIM lifecycle of complex projects covering the project phases during design, construction and operation maintenance. The joint POC project is made in the ongoing spectacular project of Disney Tourist and Resort Park in Shanghai. The biggest Disney Park in world. The POC has been built from June 2015 until November to show owners and the project members how Ides MasterConcept support the entire life cycle of any BIM project in China during construction and design to facility management in the next step.

A spectacular project in Shanghai

SITRC is the General Contractor of the Disney Tourist and Resort Park in Shanghai, China. The project is ongoing and when finished during 2016 it will become the biggest in the world and estimated to attract around 17 million people annually.

Innovative development of Chinese AEC industry

SITRC and Ides joint forces the summer 2015 to use MasterConcept as the Master platform for the POC.

MasterConcept is the central system of BIM equipment and objects as well as MEP documentation and BIM 3D models. MasterConcept open up project content within advanced documentation such as CAD and 3D models for more users and stakeholders. Project Management, Project Procurement and Project Controller are now working on the same platform viewing the same information as the detailed engineers are working in.

– The combination of document and object management in one central system is the unique functionality in MasterConcept that offers the Chinese BIM industry great advantages. With MasterConcept, advanced CAD documents and 3D models are open and transparent for other team members and departments than just the CAD engineers, says Mr Yu, vGM SITRC

SITRC will hand over the facility and its related documentation and technical data to the operator of the Park.

POC for future operations

MasterConcept is integrated with Autodesk Revit 3D, platform and AutoCAD applications, to support Architecture and MEP workgroups with object synchronization of elements and documents to MasterConcept with object and documents workflows. Objects and equipment are stored in MasterConcept according to the new ISO standard for BIM industries.

About SITRC, Shanghai Shendi Construction Co., Ltd

SITRC, Shanghai Shendi Construction Co., Ltd is owned by Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co., Ltd. who is a 100% state-owned company.