The Swedish software company Ides AB launch a new Maintenance system based on the product family MasterConcept. MasterConcept Maintenance with the new modules Preventive Maintenance and Work Order is presented for the first time at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai, China, August 27.

Ides new maintenance modules are based on the same platform as the other modules in MasterConcept. Ides now offers enhanced support for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). By taking the plant or building’s maintainability into consideration already at the design phase, the availability of equipment is radically increased. By creating Preventive Maintenance structures already during the project phase, the owner will achieve maximum reliability, increased availability and improved ROI over the lifecycle.

“With MasterConcept Maintenance, conditions for maintenance planning in the project’s early stages is created, which is an approach that has been requested by the industry for a long time. Our unique project support that spans over the design phase with support for 2D and 3D, is now combined with Preventive Maintenance and Work Order. Through this, project delivery is more efficient, capacity utilization is increasing, leading to improved ROI on the new plant. ” – says Stig Hellholm, CTO, Ides AB

New possibilities for lifecycle collaboration

Maintenance and operations can now be an active participant also in the projects early stages. MasterConcept Maintenance make it possible for all project members within design, construction and maintenance to work in one system. All members have access to the same information platform, 3D CAD models and technical data during project and commissioning of the plant. Ides MasterConcept Maintenance can also be used as the main maintenance system during operation or the hub for data transfer of maintenance data to existing maintenance system. With complete interfaces to business and maintenance systems, you also have full freedom to choose the level of ambition and choice of solution that fits you.