During spring 2017, Ides invite you to join our webinar.

Our first webinar will be conducted on the 23 of January at 9:00 CET.

AutoCAD CAD-Driver – a smart intergration to all AutoCAD applications.
With Ides CAD-Driver all departments in your organization will become transparent to each other with a result of faster projects and higher quality.

Ides support Save the Children 2016

During this year, 2016, we all have come closer to the broadcasted pictures of refugees displaced by war and strife from the darkest part of humanity. In the footstep of this chaos thousands of people end up in family tragedies.

We believe that all of us feel the helplessness of not being able to be in place to help these people and especially the children who lost their security. Through our financial contribution to Save the Children, we hope that it will help children worldwide to have a secure childhood with much love and care.

By this we would like to push others to support national and international aid organizations so that they can continue being our hero’s.


Lars Geidne, CEO Ides Group