After a public controlled procurement process, Jönköping Energi, unit for district heating and power generation, has selected Ides MasterConcept as their future IT-platform for plant data and document management. This procurement was one step in their modernization of the business processes for technical information management. Technical data and documents will be stored and protected in MasterConcept as the central system, available for the organizations of project execution, maintenance and operation. The increased quality of information will be available during the plants entire lifecycle and will provide accurate and reliable data in their operation.

The system delivery and implementation is a joint project between Ides implementation partner, SIGMA IT Consulting and Ides AB. SIGMA IT Consulting bring more than 20 years’ experience from integrations of complex systems.

MasterConcept structures and protect valuable technical information concerning the entire plants assets, data about equipment and components, procurement article data as well as CAD documents and 3D models. Implementing MasterConcept solutions for project management, Jönköping Energi will have an important project portal to secure the collecting process of technical data and documents in future projects. Data in MasterConcept will be available from Jönköping Energi Maintenance after the integration project.

– During the procurement process, Ides and Sigma suggested the best solution that where matching our requirements and needs. According to our opinion MasterConcept offer the most competitive combination of being easy to use for the users at the same time solving the complexity of problems to manage new and historical information, says Dan Bruhn, Production Manager Jönköping Energi.

An important aspect of the development of the working processes at Jönköping Energi is to offer every team member the ability to search on objects/assets or documentation, also including advanced CAD documents and equipment information.

– Finally Dan is adding – “We are looking forward to the implementation of Ides solution MasterConcept as an important piece in the puzzle to improve our information management and help us to reach our company goal: A better and more sustainable Jönköping”

About Jönköping Energi (Energy)

Jönköping Energi is owned by the state municipal of Jönköping and is one part of a corporate structure of 4 companies. Jönköping Energi supply 55000 citizens with light, electricity, distribution of central heating and cooling media, network and biogas as well as local and regional power distribution. Jönköping Energi has a turnover of 1 billion SEK and have 270 employees.

About Swedish Competition Authority

The Swedish Competition Authority is a state authority working to safeguard and increase competition and supervise public procurement in Sweden. Public procurement is governed by the Swedish Public Procurement Act (2007:1091 – LOU), which is largely based on EU Directive concerning public procurement