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State of the art for 30 years

We are a proud team at Ides Group who announce that we continue with our legacy of development and delivery of high technology software made available to our customers now and in the future. In the world there are not many members in the “club” of software developers who can join the 30+ year golden […]


Söderenergi chooses MasterConcept

Söderenergi chooses Ides MasterConcept for management of plant documentation as a part of their IT platform for the future. Söderenergi today handles enormous amount of document such as drawings, circuit diagrams and descriptions etc. Major consumers of this documentation are those who are working with maintenance and operation. All documentation of the plant is today gathered on […]


Beijing Jianyi Investment Development chooses MasterConcept

Beijing Jianyi Investment Development CO. LTD (BJJY) takes an innovative step with MasterConcept Beijing Jianyi Investment Group, one of China leading entrepreneurs within construction and plant supply, continue their development of BIM concept by choosing MasterConcept as their primary project platform of Project Data Management. President and owner of Beijing Jianyi Investment Group, President Zhang says, “as […]


Revit now integrated in MasterConcept BIM & AEC solution

Autodesk Revit is now an integrated part of MasterConcept BIM & AEC. MasterConcept and Revit integration has been developed with companies in areas of Architecture, Construction, Plant Owners and Power Generation. Ides integration offers traceability to customers for all documentation created in Revit including 3D views, 2D sheets, elevations, sections and other documentation produced in Revit. […]


Uppsala County Council choose Ides MasterConcept

To secure technical documentation including BIM models for the future, all documentation will be stored in Ides MasterConcept. DocMaster will cover all hospital facilities owned and operated by Uppsala County Council. Ides MasterConcept will be the future platform for all technical applications as well as documentation covering operation, project management and general office documentation. Ides […]