Energy and processindustries

HOFOR, Greater Copenhagen Utility, has chosen Ides MasterConcept as the technical design solution after a public procurement process under the Danish Public Procurement Act. HOFOR has chosen the Swedish software developer product as their Engineering Data HUB to structure plant technical data and information based on standard software from Ides AB.

HOFOR implement MasterConcept platform within the business areas of Electricity, Drink water, Waste water, District heating, City Gas, District cooling and building Wind Power to more than 1 million customers in Greater Copenhagen region.

Engineering Master Data become Asset Master Data in the same system

Ides MasterConcept will be the Engineering Data HUB at HOFOR for new construction projects, to collect and control the huge amount of new Operation & Maintenance data to be transferred in to the Enterprise Asset Management System MS Dynamics AX2012.

Examples of EAM data managed in MasterConcept:

• Control and management of new EAM data (for “Greenfield” projects)
• Component Data, essential design and operating parameters
• Data input to maintenance plans
• Data for spare parts and BOMs
• Reference (link) from components to relevant parts
• Reference (link) from components, individuals to engineering documents such as CAD and technical spreadsheets.

In order for projects to exchange and collect above EAM data from many different suppliers MasterConcept control all new project data flow combined with internal changes of exiting equipment’s or Brownfield Projects. MasterConcept Engineering HUB handles:

• Exchange of existing EAM data (for “Brownfield” projects)
• Exchange between suppliers of custom EAM data for new plant components
• Ensuring data quality (syntax check, standard components, Workflow, etc.)
• Change Management with Highlight of additions and changes compared to previous data deliveries showing Change history (who has changed what and when)
• Progress measurement of data delivery in relation to specified data
• Import / export of data to the EAM system

MasterConcept is a Central Data and database platform based on object-oriented engineering with graphic functions support design / engineering (Process design, Electrical design, logic diagrams, etc.).



HOFOR is the largest utility company in Denmark in the core business areas: water supply, wastewater management, district heating, district cooling and gas supply. They also build wind turbines.

One million Danes (20 % of the total Danish population) depend on their supplies.

The company is owned by 8 municipalities, and the City of Copenhagen owns 73 per cent of the company. The supplies are regulated by law, which e.g. means that the profit and expenses must balance over time.