– docMaster 使得Mälar能源公司能够在一个被称为InformationObjects™(信息项目)的逻辑结构中结构化文档及商务信息。组织可以自由建立这些结构,同时支持工厂设备运行和项目结构,Ides副总裁Stig Hellholm讲述道。

Mälar能源有限公司 其它附属公司如发电厂几十年来一直是Ides的客户。

Stig Hellholm


Mälar水电能源公司的电力生产遍布Svartån, Kolbäcksån, Hedströmmen, Arbogaån, Granhytteälven, Högforsälven, Rällsälven, Upperudsälven, Sandaälven, Lillälven 和 Borgvikeälven等11条瑞典河流。

Mälar电网能源公司负责分布电力至以下瑞典城市: Arboga, Hallstahammar, Kungsör, Köping 和Västerås。


Ides 软件公司凭借其PLM/PDM 平台的docMaster,为产品和工厂设计提供独特的功能,并在整个产业生命周期中精简了技术流程和管理流程。Ides最受欢迎的软件产品是electrical design(电气设计)—elMaster,自1985年面向市场。

基于来自世界领先供应商如Autodesk Inc., Oracle Corporation和Microsoft的最新技术,Ides开发具有内置CAE功能的产品。

在全球,有超过3500个用户使用Ides集团公司的系统作为集成数据至业务流程的主要系统。Ides的系统主要使用于瑞典核电站(OKG, Forsmark and Ringhals),SKB(瑞典核燃料及废料管理有限公司),ABB集团, SSAB钢板,Scania(斯堪尼亚汽车集团),法国阿海珐集团,阿尔斯通集团,AKZO阿克苏, Eson Pac, 英力士,庞巴迪运输公司,西屋电气,上海市政能源公司—上海吴泾发电厂,Mälar能源和哥德堡能源。

Swedish technology is used in the modernization of Chinese renewable energy. One of Northeast China’s largest hydropower plant, Baishan Power Plant, implements Ides software MasterConcept in their engineering and maintenance departments to handle the entire Plants technical data and documents. Ides PLM software MasterConcept suits all kind of renewable energy plants such as hydro power, wind power and solar power. – Our system is the major tool in our customers’ daily operation to optimize plant life cycle, plant safety and minimize risk in the plant. MasterConcept is designed to protect plant operators from incursion and manipulation on advanced technical plant data and documentation. Data safety is a requirement to ensure reliability during the plants entire lifecycle, says Lars Geidne, CEO of Ides AB. Baishan Power Plant is owned by State Grid of China, one of the largest companies in the world that produces and delivers energy across large parts of China. The contract is strategic for Ides MasterConcept in China, a country that is modernizing all power generation. Since 2013, State Grid Of China have implemented components from MasterConcept. With this contract the entire program suite is installed. – Ides China has become one of China’s pioneering software vendors during the past 6 years by introducing unique plant structuring in a standardized software platform, says Lars Geidne. Ides’ authorized partner in Jilin Province, Jilin DaTong Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd, are running the implementation project and supplies Ides technology as well as support and services. Jilin DaTong Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd is today the largest MasterConcept reseller in China and operate in the Jilin district.

About SGCC

State Grid Corporation of China, SGCC, was established on December 29th, 2002. It is a government-owned enterprise approved by the state council to conduct government authorized investment activities. SGCC was ranked within top 40th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2010, seven rankings higher than in 2009, and is the largest utility company in the world. Their mission is to provide safe, economical, clean and sustainable electric power for social and economic development. The company’s core businesses are the construction and operation of power networks that cover 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

About State Grid Baishan Power Plant

On the No. 2 Songhua River and at Huadian, Jilin Province, the Baishan Power Plant (also called the Baishan Hydropower Station) is the largest in the northeast grid. It has an installed generating capacity of 1.5 million KW. Construction of the station started in May 1975 and it began storing water on September 16, 1982. At the end of 1984, three generating units with a total generating capacity of 900,000 KW came into operation for the first phase of the project. Another two, with an installed generating capacity of 600,000 KW for the second phase of the project, began operating in June, 1992. The station controls a drainage area of 19,000 square kilometers. In addition to generating power the station controls floods and has other benefits. The dam is 423.5 meters high and the reservoir has a storage capacity of 6.812 billion cubic meters.