MasterConcept – 与微软平台一体化





2017年期间Ides发布了应用程序AssetMaster – MasterConcept中的的维护功能。维护服务部门借助AssetMaster能够访问MasterConcept中的工作指令,报告错误及文档处理功能。

AssetMaster支持Android, iOS和Windows系统。

Azure IoT

开发更新后的MasterConcept维护功能将OPC UA 工业互通性标准与Azure工业IoT云平台一体化,用于收集业务数据便于预防和预测性维护。




Create Preventive Maintenance already during design

MasterConcept is now complemented with two new modules to cover the maintenance process. The module Preventive Maintenance (PM) is included with MasterConcept 16.2, for free.

With the module Preventive Maintenance, our users can create preventive maintenance plans already during design. You got full freedom to choose a solution – continue working with MasterConcept Maintenance or transfer the information to an existing maintenance system.

Module 1 – Preventive Maintenance
Included in all MasterConcept licenses

With Preventive Maintenance you create activities for the future maintenance of the equipment on the object or by the article.

  • The best alternative is to register PM activities directly on the article. At the end of the project you let the system copy all associated PM activities to all objects that are linked to the current article.
  • It is also possible to register one or many PM activities directly on each object if the object have special needs, for example due to different environmental impact.
Module 2 – workorder/reports
Supplementary module to MasterConcept that can be purchased at extra needs
  • Work orders handles activities that need to be performed by different parts of the organization. They are either generated from Preventive Maintenance activities (PM), Fault Reports, Work Request or Improvement Suggestions.
  • All needs for corrective maintenance during a project or after going live can be documented as a fault report or improvement suggestion.
  • Work request is used to order activities which is not related to a fault or error. Can be a connected job to a main work order or general activities during a project.
  • Improvement suggestions is a special type of work order for asset modifications or asset improvements in general


我们为客户推出了另一个服务版本Master Concept 12.2,该版本加载了一些新的功能,凡是加入了认购程序的所有Ides客户,可以免费下载最新版本并从新功能中获益。


  • 性能
  • 新的支持版本
  • RevitCAD-Driver 




  • MasterPortal – 实现真正的移动
  • 利用拖放功能,创建关系
  • 提升文档处理