• Discrete Manufacturing

Ides Master concept PDM for Discrete Manufacturing


Railway and Metro Signaling Systems

Product development of control system for Railway and Metro is based on high level system engineering. The characteristics of railway length and landscape affect system design and the project design. Having a system design with automation for repetitive product solutions saves time and project cost.

Low voltage systems

Low Voltage Systems

Manufacturing of product solutions within low voltage has to be smart, adaptable and time efficient. Solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices need to be connected and configured during the sales process.  The Sales Engineers configures and creates the customization and the configurator build the rest.

Discrete manufacturing

Drive Systems

Advanced systems for a better environment and longer lifecycle need a smart way in the sales configuration. Each purchase from each client are different though the plattform is the same. So rather than have an electric motor running continuously at full speed, an electric drive allows the user to slow down or speed up the motor depending on the demands. Reducing motor speed to meet the actual demand of the process often means substantial energy savings and reduced operating costs. An electric drive enables a process to achieve the right speed and torque while maintaining its accuracy.

Machine manufacturing

Machine manufacturing

Manufacturing of machinery with huge delivery undertaking will streamline with the introduction of automation in the design phase. Large projects need design and project control and sales need to manage what was delivered to whom.

Manufacturing with maximum control

Discrete Manufacturing with PDM-core

The Manufacturing is executed closer to each customer and just-in-time to be able to minimize the stock and offer customers accurate solutions. Master concept PDM-core is developed with a scalable layer of automation functions, from full automatic functions with ADG (Automatic Data/Drawing Generation) down to semi automatic functions that users kan easily copy part of or the whole system delivery.

Automation and Integrations

Product family Master concept PDM  has been used by Swedish and international industry since the end of 1980´s where the focus has been on automatic generation of documents, equipment BOM and specification for manufacturing. All generation of data and documents cover equipment, Cable and Wires including technical article data and system specifications. After generating process, lists such as BOM, connection and cable lists, can either be generated manually or automatically.

  • Change tracking during delivery phase

  • Material planning with change management

  • Parameter based design

  • Manual and automatic generation

  • Standard interface against MPS systems

  • Built in platform for web publish

  • Internal and external configurator

Delivery Control

When PO generation has been executed, all data in the system can be approved in order to keep tracebility. With the tracking function through the whole PDM-plattform in Master concept, the customer and the internal organization has 100% control of future changes. All changes made on documents, cables and wires or equipment can be tracked down to a specific task or change request.

A change request will affect the whole chain of  data processing, from main PDM platform over to MPS system where change requests will be logged and updated of data. To support the whole data chain for material planning Master concept have a built-in integration platform for the most common MPS system on the market.

Publishing of technical data and documentation can easily be done after generating for customers approve.

Automatic generation of configurable equipment

A manufacturer of configurable equipment need intelligence in the PDM platform to be able to navigate though possible choices. With help of calculating in bidding and sale phase most companies have already created a configurator. By connecting configurator with Master concept there will be a platform to generate the data already during the sales phase.