Ides AB, headquarter Linköping Sweden announced today the launch of Master® concept 20.0

Regardless of pandemics and restrictions in world, such as traveling and physical meetings, we launch our next release of Master concept a better solution of information management.

A new look and a stronger collaboration platform

The new release offer a stronger support for information collaboration in our Master® project portal, Inventory Management, Inventory & Purchase and extended functionality for Plant structures.

We have taken a new grip to offer a platform in the digital transformation of plant data collaboration for projects.

“The need for a structured collaboration during projects between customer and suppliers is critical in all todays and future projects. Our Master® project portal can exchange plant information during the project as well as creating and importing data and documents.
A platform installed both on prem as well as in our cloud based Master® project portal” says Stig Hellholm VP Ides AB.

Each project produce huge amount of digital information such as objects, articles as well as technical documents, 2D and 3D with electrical, mechanical and BIM information. All this digital data is the future assets of the owner and shall be treated this way.

With the Master® project portal we offer one central project portal where the collaboration between stakeholders and customer in the project can evaluate and secure the data quality and accuracy before moving in to operation.

To secure Plant Data for future maintenance and reliability analyzes, it has to be structured and organized for future generations.

One system many user

Master® concept have a wide range of users representing most technical areas such as architecture, electrical and instrumentation design, mechanical design as well as maintenance and operation.

A complex mix of users using Master concept in different ways representing different type of Industries.

Master concept 20.0 will have new features for all.

Read more about our coming release during autumn 2020 and follow our webinars starting in the end of August.