We are a proud team at Ides Group who announce that we continue with our legacy of development and delivery of high technology software made available to our customers now and in the future. In the world there are not many members in the “club” of software developers who can join the 30+ year golden team of continuously product development.

    It would be impossible to write a full track of all milestones that we have passed during the years since 1985 but the journey has been and still are very exciting and fun.

    1985 was the year when our software platform started its path to what it is today and another release is yet to come.

    • 1985 - The first release

      The first release based on AutoCAD release 1.3 (1983) delivered to customer in Sweden January 1985.

    • 1993 - Engineering database

      1993 was the year when the Engineering database started its development together with all Swedish Nuclear Power Plants and our IEC 81346 structures was introduced to our customers.

    • 1994 - The first Windows version

      The first Windows version came 1994 and was based on AutoCAD 13 which we developed parallel with our engineering database.

    • 1996 - Object oriented engineering

      Object oriented engineering tool was developed from 1996 together with ABB Group, Automation, during 2 years and was delivered during 1998.

    • 2004 - In Ides group

      Ides Group was formed 2004 and the products are continued being developed.

    • 2005 - More structures

      2005 the IEC/ISO 81346 are further developed and expanded now supporting 7 plant and building structures.

    • 2008 - MasterConcept goes for China

      Ides expands and establish subsidiary in Shanghai, China. MasterConcept is delivered to Chinese customers.

    • 2014 - Project and Life Cycle Support

      2014 a full blown Project and Life Cycle Support engineering database is delivered to Nuclear Power plants in Sweden and other countries.

    • 2015 - BIM and AEC

      2015 is the year when support for applikations and project processes for BIM and AEC are developed in MasterConcept.

    • 2016 - MasterConcept Ultimate 16

      We are now in the beginning of 2016 and the delivery date for our next release is set to 26th of February of MasterConcept Ultimate 16.

    • 2016 - MasterConcept Maintenance launched

      MasterConcept Maintenance with the new modules Preventive Maintenance and Work Order is presented for the first time at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shanghai, China, August 27.

    • 2016 - MasterConcept integrate with Autodesk revit

      MasterConcept CAD-Driver for Revit is launched and synchronize both Objects with Revit Instance with data property update.
      CAD-Driver adding Document revision handling in to Revit by synchronizing Sheets with Documents

    • 2017 - MasterConcept CAD-Driver integrate IFC and openBIM

      Ides CAD-Driver for IFC in MasterConcept is launched and synchronizes Objects with the basic IFC format. MasterConcept includes xBIM for viewing IFC formats. At the same time the system has fully integrated Facility Management (FM) to support FM in 3D