Ides MasterConcept has been commissioned to handle all types of plant information


Ides MasterConcept has been commissioned to handle all types of plant information within Skellefteå Kraft. With regulations for structuring the plant information, the information flow can be secured in a simply and cost-effectively way by controlling, standardizing, maintaining and implementing plant changes.

MasterConcept –Master of plant data and documents

MasterConcept will handle Skellefteå Kraft’s production facilities for wind power, hydropower and heat- and bioenergy. The plant information is today available in different systems and it is important for the client that the information can be structured and managed in a future-safe way. In order to easily secure Skellefteå Kraft’s information flow from projects to management, all plant information will now be collected in a common IT support – a Master.

  • MasterConcept will handle routines, instructions and technical documents to make maintenance work safer and with higher precision. As Skellefteå Kraft now complies all documentation and information in a central system, future integrations and costs are simplified due to a higher information quality, says Lars Geidne CEO at Ides AB.

Support for users

Technical requirements for information security and functions has been an important part in the procurement of a new IT support. The client has also put a lot of focus on user- friendliness and wants a modern, intuitive and easy using system. The user experience is important because everyone needs to be able to enjoy working in a common system.

Standardize according to IEC/ISO 81346

MasterConcept supports both new and old standards regarding the designation of different components and documents of the plant. Skellefteå Kraft will not only comply with standards such as SS EN 81346/IEC-ISO 81346 for new plants but also being able to connect information to older designation in existing facilities.

Borås Energi och Miljö AB has selected Ides MasterConcept as their future IT-platform for all types of plant information. With structured plant information, Borås Energi och Miljö can easily verify, standardize, maintain, analyze and implement plant changes.

MasterConcept – a strategic platform in the IT environment

Borås Energi och Miljö runs a big investment project (EMC – Energy and Environment Center), where a new central heating power plant and sewage treatment plant is being built at the same location to achieve the greatest possible synergies. The project will deliver large amounts of technical plant information where it is important that Borås Energi och Miljö can effectively retrieve and manage the information.

– A large amount of plant information from suppliers will be in a form of documents, but Borås Energi och Miljö also want MasterConcept to take care of pure plant information that must be stored in a structured way. One example is the EMC investment project, where deliveries of BIM information easily can be managed and maintained, says Fredrik Andersson, IT Architect at Borås Energi och Miljö.

Complex BIM models and plant information

The technical plant information is key information for most departments in Borås Energi och Miljö. The concept of Plant Information refers to both traditional plant documentation including 3D models (BIM) but also equipment, component data and economically related information.

– MasterConcept offers more than just managing CAD drawings and documents. Today, there are different roles and people who should be able to analyze what equipment there is and where it is located in the plant. With MasterConcept integration with 3D BIM that connects information inside complex 3D models, Borås Energi och Miljö will have full support for structuring the information in MasterConcept in the future, says Lars Geidne CEO Ides AB.

Sigma IT Consulting – partner in the delivery of MasterConcept

Sigma IT Consulting is an Ides Partner and Reseller and has long experience of implementing systems and integrations. Sigma will jointly with Ides AB deliver services and integrations.

About MasterConcept BIM

MasterConcept BIM is a platform for architectural and construction engineering data where documents, CAD models, 3D models along with objects and equipment information are structured. MasterConcept also includes Facility Management with preventive maintenance, work orders and fault reporting. MasterConcept has its hand held device App, AssetMaster, to support Maintenance activities such as Work Order and Fault reporting on-line or off-line mode.

Ides AB and HSarchitects has signed a strategic license contract for BIM lifecycle management including Facility Management and Maintenance. The HSarchitects owner, HSBIM, have made this investment as a part of a development strategy that together with Ides build up a cloud-based solution for Maintenance based on BIM within HSarchitects.

HSarchitects invest in Ides MasterConcept Cloud technology where design and technical data, documents, 3D models and Preventive Maintenance are unified in to the same system.

“In our company culture we embrace good and innovative ideas and that’s why Ides and their innovative technology match our culture. With MasterConcept, we will develop our company not just in our existing business in architecture and design but also to give us a platform to expand our business in to the life cycle management area. ” says Peter Wang, President and co-founder of HSarchitects

The platform is based on MasterConcept BIM Engineering Data HUB and Maintenance HUB. Together with a handful of applications, the maintenance and design departments will have access to the cloud and data platform. By developing BIM in to operation and maintenance, HSarchitects take a strategic step to support their customers not only in planning and design but also all the way to operation.

“It’s a strategic partnership with HSarchitects where our platform in combination and our cloud technology are combined for best practice. Together with HSarchitects we create an innovative and high-tech business model for an industry in development both in China but also world wide. We also move maintenance preparations and maintenance set-up in to an early stage of all projects for a faster handover process after going live.” Lars Geidne, CEO of Ides AB

About HSarchitects

HSa originates from a native ideal about humanism, i.e. to create a brand-new design partnership paradigm so that excellent talents, while pursuing their respective ideals, can work together to create extraordinary value. Over the years, in spite of constant expansion of its business portfolio and diversification, HSa has never changed its core spirit of humanism. In terms of the brand image, “HS” is a combination of the initials of two Chinese characters where “H”, short for “Han” in Chinese, refers to the extensive and profound traditional culture, and “S”, an abbreviation for “Si” in Chinese, refers to constant thinking and researching. In combination, “HS” is intended to show a integrated commitment to provision of the best architectural design services in the local market of China.

In contrast to the centralization model of traditional Chinese design institutes, HSa adopts an entirely different model by allying different professional teams for different design businesses, including planning, construction, structural engineering, MEP engineering, landscape, interior design and its recently established BIM digital design business.

“Dear friends and customers,

2008 was the year when Ides Shanghai Ltd. was established.

During all these years, we have met many companies, created a great network and established long-term relationship and friendship with many customers. We have established a footprint in the Chinese AEC/BIM industry as well as the Power and Energy industry.

Our product development are still inspired and have great influences from our Chinese customers to develop a product adapted to Chinese business and Engineering culture.

After 10 years in China, we feel confident in our role as a system provider of engineering solutions assisting our Chinese customers to become more competitive on a domestic and international market now and in the future.

Follow us on our coming 10 years in China.”

Lars Geidne CEO and founder of Ides Group

We will be attending the Underhåll fair March 13-16 march and would like to meet you at the fair!

We will exhibit with Sigma IT consulting and you will find us both in stand B01.19

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Scandinavia’s biggest trade fair for production and maintenance

Underhåll is more than a trade fair with its main focus on manufacturing. It is also a vital, cross-industry meeting place. Some 300 companies exhibit at Underhåll. And more than 10,000 visitors from all kinds of industries and sectors flock to the event.

With its focus on the key issues facing industry, Underhåll as a meeting venue contributes to a greater understanding of the way proper maintenance can help to boost profitability in all kinds of industries and branches, as well as in the public sector.


Ides AB, the international engineering application developer and Sigma IT Consulting signs a strategic partner agreement to jointly offer technology and professional services for the Swedish Asset Industry.

Sigma IT Consulting has been appointed a MasterConcept Implementation Partner, and will offer technology and services based on MasterConcept. With more than 20 years of experience, implementing from the Asset Management Systems, Sigma IT Consulting can now offer an overall system solution, implementing a technical document management system combined with asset data management and integrated with asset management business processes.

“With an experienced partner such as Sigma, our customers will have the best professional guidance and services in the implementation phase of our technology, as well as a reliable guide in the complex IT infrastructure” says Lars Geidne CEO Ides AB.

The MasterConcept platform is based on the basic elements within the Asset and BIM modelling such as Objects, Individuals and Articles. The platform manages technical aspects such as pictures, 3D models, maintenance and engineering data within its lifecycle.

“With MasterConcept we move asset management processes to an earlier stage in plant projects, instead of after project closing as is traditional in today’s processes. By collecting and structuring engineering master data during the project, our customers will have a platform of technical data, which is essential in the lifecycle perspective.“ says Peter Lorenz, Manager Asset by Sigma.

About Asset by Sigma

Asset by Sigma is the leading supplier in the Nordics of IT-solutions for industrial maintenance and Asset Management. We provide services within asset maintenance, mobility, predictive maintenance and lifecycle management.

Asset by Sigma is a part of Sigma Group, a leading consulting group with an objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means are technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. We are 3,400 employees in eleven countries. Sigma is owned by Danir AB, held by the Dan Olofsson family.

About Ides AB and MasterConcept

Ides AB, Swedish software developer of engineering applications, engineering data and document software including a PLM/BLM platform with EAM and Facility Management.

We supply our software and solutions to customers across discrete manufacturing, energy & process, architecture, construction and nuclear power, using Ides software to design, structuring technical data, for content management of projects execution and operational information with maintenance and facility management aspects.

Ides software, MasterConcept, a PLM platform named Engineering Data Hub to support creating and organizing engineering plant data and BIM or product related information during the project phases in design, project execution, construction, maintenance and operational analysis. Customers within Infrastructures facilities, Engineering and Design, Construction, Hospitals, Railroad, Metro, Power Grid, Wind power, Hydropower, Nuclear Power, CHP (Combined Heat and Power), Marine and Process industries work daily in ides Software.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Geidne
President and CEO
Ides AB
tel: +46 (0)736 656466

Peter Lorenz
Manager Asset by Sigma
Sigma IT Consulting
tel: +46 (0)703 09 34 07


Ides and SCG SHANGHAI SHANGAN M&E Design Office CO., LTD, the MEP design division within Shanghai Construction Group, has signed a strategic partnership to jointly develop the BIM market in China. SCG MEP is appointed as a Golden Strategic Partner and will roll out services and technology based on MasterConcept.

SCG MEP will offer its customers a populated data platform of design and technical data where documents, 3D models and Preventive Maintenance are unified in to the same system. By developing its customers for operation and maintenance, SCG MEP structures project documentation and BIM data in combination to Preventive Maintenance.

“With MasterConcept we create a Facility Life cycle platform for our customers including a BIM Engineering data & Maintenance platform at the same time. Data is kept consistent and protected during the whole life cycle of high technology facilities.” says Ms. Wang, President of SCG SHANGHAI SHANGAN M&E Design Office CO., LTD

MasterConcept is a design platform where technical data, documentation, CAD, 3D-models together with BIM object data is structured. MasterConcept also includes Facility Management with PM, Work Order and Fault Report.

“Together with SCG we create what the engineers has talked about for too long. We move maintenance preparations and maintenance set-up in to an early stage of all projects for a faster handover process after going live.” Lars Geidne, CEO of Ides AB

Ides Golden Partner SCG MEPDE will deliver MasterConcept BIM platform with all technical data in combination with FM, Facility Management.

About SCG

Shanghai Construction Group is one of the top 1000 companies in the world, Forbes top 2000 ranking with 33,157 Employees and a Sales on $ 19.82 BN. Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. engages in the provision of construction services. Its construction services include building of high rise towers, bridges, light railways, public culture and sport facilities, industrial plants, and environmental protection projects. The company was founded on June 15, 1998 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), which has been undertaking many important tasks in the building and modernization of China’s cities, is the flagship of China’s building industry.

SCG possesses core technologies in the construction of high-rise buildings, large bridges, light railways, public culture & sport facilities, large industrial plants, major environment protection projects & etc. At the same time, SCG has also completed about 100 landmark projects in more than 30 overseas countries and regions.
Shanghai Construction, with its business covering nearly the entire building industry, is capable of integrating all related social resources in its business. In the field of investment, construction and operation of urban infrastructure,

Shanghai Construction owns a competitive & leading professional work force which could provide comprehensive general contacting service to the society. As the trade mark of Shanghai Construction, “SCG” has obtained the national certification of “China’s Famous Brand”.