System installation for an easier everyday life

Ides software is easy to install. Installations can therefore often be done by you, while more advanced network installations with many users require assistance from our experienced systems experts.


For us it is important that the installation of our product can be made easily and conveniently. We have the ability to customize the installation so that it is tailored to your needs and conditions. Factors that we can take into account during installation may include type of projects being run, geographic location, infrastructure and IT culture, department divisions, etc. Thanks to careful planning we can also make preparations for future updates in order for you to be able to manage them in best possible way.

Automatic system backup with configuration

When we leave you after having completed a deployment, you should feel safe in the knowledge that you have a functioning backup routine.


In order to make effective updates, it takes more than good planning by our developers. For us it is important that your work in our system flows smoothly during updates and after, even if we have made customer-specific configurations. Therefore, we gladly help you when preparing/implementing commissioning or updating.

Automatic update and file distribution

When your IT organization has checked and approved a new version of MasterConcept, the software and settings are placed on the network. The next time the users start their computers, they will be asked to install the new version. All they need do is confirm to update their client with the current version and the correct configuration. Even updates of symbol libraries, templates, and various configurations can be published in this way to all users in a mixed environment.

The features Automatic Update and File Distribution are part of the same add-on module.