With Master concept Maintenance, 3D models become accessible for operation and maintenance departments. The 3D viewer in Master concept allows you to navigate in the plant, this creates new possibilities to find maintenance information. When the object is found, you get overview of PM and WO and can easily create fault reports.

Preventive Maintenance & design

It’s time to think new! For increased maintainability and also ensuring that the Preventive Maintance is defined already at the start of new plants. With Master concept, which is a combination of engineering solution and maintenance, cooperation between design, operation and maintenance is improved. With the Preventive Maintenance Module in Master concept, design and maintenance can gather around criticality analyzes and create ready-made PM layouts for each object during the design phase.

Register for the entire life cycle

Master explorer is a system for plant information. Based on the design process and the amount of functions for managing information over a plant’s entire life cycle, Master explorer may:

– Document a plant to the smallest detail and make use of existing industry standards
– Describe all relations between objects in a plant
– Integration and collaboration with 2D and 3D CAD applications
– Manage versions and revisions of documents and information
– Specify configurations in the plant

Maintenance – easy for everyone

Fault report and work orders should be easy to use for everyone in their daily work. We have focused on providing facility information and documents to easy obtaining the latest revisions. Work orders can be used both for planning and execution of work during the comissioning phase of construction projects and after go-live. Completed with PM, managing articles and individuals, Master concept Maintenance is the support you need for efficient maintenance.


With asset Master, maintenance work becomes simple and accessible. You can easily report work on any platform. Perfect for large user groups.

  • Report work
  • Create Fault Reports and Improvement Suggestions
  • Retrieve protocol/checklist
  • List My Work Order
  • Show detailed Work Order

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